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At Project 10:27, we are on a noble mission to illuminate the lives of senior adults in our community. Picture the warmth that fills your heart when you see a lonely soul find companionship, or the joy of someone who thought they were forgotten, realizing they are cherished. Now, imagine being a part of creating these moments every day. Our community’s senior adults have paved the way for us, and it’s now our turn to hold hands as they navigate the autumn of their lives. Many seniors face debilitating loneliness and social isolation. We need your support to make a bigger impact. Whether it’s a simple act of kindness through a handwritten card or a thoughtful visit to a nursing home, your contribution can change lives. But to sustain and expand our reach, we also need financial support. The smile of a senior, the comfort of a heartfelt conversation, the security of knowing someone cares—your donations help make this possible.

This is not just a call to support a cause; it’s an invitation to become a beacon of hope and love. Volunteer with Project 10:27 or make a financial contribution. Let’s stand together to ensure that the twilight years of our seniors are graced with dignity, companionship, and joy. Embrace the mission of loving your neighbor as yourself and be the change that you wish to see in the world. Join us at Project 10:27 today!

To support this mission, we offer the following ways to get involved in our ministry.

The Companion Care Program provides friendly telephone calls from volunteers to our senior adults who are living alone and/or are homebound. The goals of the Caring Connections program are to reduce isolation, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline often faced by homebound seniors. Regular phone calls from volunteers help seniors stay connected to their community and engaged in meaningful relationships. Keeping seniors socially engaged also improves their overall quality of life physically, emotionally, and mentally. We also send cards and letters to our seniors on their birthday and other major holidays, so they know they are part of a family who cares for them.

This program is designed for individuals, families, or a small group who wish to adopt a lonely senior adult in San Antonio. Through the adoption process we introduce the volunteer(s) to the senior adult and help them develop a relationship through telephone conversations and face to face visits. We continue to stay involved in the relationship – the volunteer(s) just adds to what we are already doing. By developing this friendship, the volunteer(s) bring joy and conversation to a lonely individual and will certainly be blessed by sharing the love of Christ. We encourage the volunteer to talk by phone with the senior adult once per week and then plan an outing of at least two hours, once per month. Outings can be a visit to the senior’s home, a trip to lunch or a trip to Walmart, a ride to church or many other alternatives. The total time commitment for each adoption is less than 6 hours per month.

Reaching senior adults in various areas of our community is vital to our mission.

  • Support our community events on select Saturdays where we host outdoor cook outs and fun activities at senior properties. We need volunteers to help set up and tear down for the event, register participants, lead games and activities and just visit with senior adults.
  • Join us in door-to-door Evangelism. We have a community engagement team who are currently working on the west side of downtown. Each Monday we share the Gospel by going through San Antonio Housing properties. Normally we go in the mornings, but we are flexible and would be happy to accommodate other times if a small group or interested individuals wanted to join us. These visits have been very fruitful and each week we pray with people and have seen several adults make professions of faith. We would love to have more come with us (especially Spanish speakers).

Performing acts of love is an important way we minister to senior adults. On the third Saturday of each month, we schedule a workday at the home of a select senior adult. These events generally last from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and are ideal for Individuals, families, or small groups to join to perform a variety of activities such as mowing yards, raking leaves, painting, hauling trash or debris and other light maintenance projects.

We have a partnership with the Bulverde Spring Branch Senior Center, and they graciously allow us to borrow their twelve-passenger van and their volunteer van driver once per month so we can take a group of senior adults on outings. We usually schedule these events on the first Thursday of the month from 9am to 3:30 pm. We need volunteer chaperones to go with us and interact with the seniors while they are enjoying their day out.

Discipleship is an integral part of our mission, and we need Biblically sound Christians who can support these efforts in the following ways:

  • Disciple a new Christian through weekly conversations, Bible study and prayer (virtual and in person)
  • Participate in a group online (Zoom) senior adult Bible study
  • Help support our seniors with technology support so they can participate in the Zoom Bible study. This means helping them with setting up zoom on their phones and then walking them through how to connect, disconnect, mute conversations etc.
  • Ask one of our seniors to join you at a Bible study at your church or to participate in your small group.

There are several ways that your Church, life group, small group or family can help support this ministry. Here are some other examples:

  • Invite one of our senior adults to your church or life group meetings and offer to give them a ride so they can attend at least twice per month.
  • Organize a supply drive for seniors by purchasing and collecting items from our needs list below. If the group wishes they can participate in delivering the collected items to the seniors in need. This is a family friendly way to do local missions.
  • Provide lunch for one of our weekly Bible studies. Group can simply provide funds to purchase lunch or is welcome to come to study and serve lunch to the seniors.

Paper Towels

Toilet Papers

Dishwashing Liquid

Laundry Detergent

Hand Soap

Body Soap

Body Lotion


Facial Tissues


Socks (new with grippers)
Night Lights

Blankets – queen sized (new)

Throws (new)

Electric Heaters (new)

Electric Fans (new)

Bibles – NKJV Super Giant Print

Get Involved

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    Echoes of Kindness

    “It has been so rewarding to participate in reaching out to the elderly by making sure they are touched monthly either by a card, a phone call, or visit. Not only are they blessed, but volunteers as well for their efforts.”

    A Volunteer's Perspective

    “I’ve loved hearing the reports of 80-year-olds hearing and reading the Bible for the first time. This ministry helps to give people dignity and the ability to be seen.”

    A Volunteer's Perspective

    “I am involved in writing cards & letters monthly to encourage & cheer them. This also blesses me as I am a caretaker of 2 people, so I am able to participate in writing cards & letters to bless others.”

    A Volunteer's Perspective

    “Project 10:27, through its volunteers and supporters, provides countless hours to uplift and meet a variety of needs of the often-forgotten members of society—those in their twilight years, who have given so much to their families and communities when they were younger and stronger.”

    A Volunteer's Perspective

    “I have personally experienced the grace of God in this ministry and have seen the men and women who have been tremendously impacted by this organization.”

    A Volunteer's Perspective

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